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Check out our video from our latest trichological training session. Attended by new students as well as already practising trichologists who wanted to refresh their knowledge. We do not teach how to perform miracles but provide facts and sound knowledge to enable our students to help their customers.

Dermotrichology is the scientific study of the hair and scalp. At the British Academy of Dermotrichology , our aim is to make hair and scalp care more readily available by providing hair and beauty industry professionals with specialist knowledge and training.

Our courses enable confident diagnosis and treatment options for clients who are experiencing hair loss, scalp issues or problems with hair texture. These conditions effect many people and need to be handled sensitively to minimise distress.  

We work closely with Kapyderm, leading manufacturer of dermotrichology products for both our training programmes and treatment plans. Kapyderm products are innovative, made from high levels of natural ingredients and most importantly, proven to be effective.

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